Youth Sports

Everyone in Concord, Mass calls me the town booster, meaning I like to crow about how great it is, how wonderful the people and scenery, and how it beats out most anywhere for “best place to live in the US.” This may be my opinion, but I hope it will soon be yours as you hear about the opportunities for a special lifestyle in Middlesex County of a great state. Sure, Boston is unbeatable, but Concord has another vibe. Although some say it is part of greater Boston, I want to make sure you understand that it has a personality all its own. It has a history, first and foremost the battle of Lexington and Concord; plus, it was a rich literary center and home to the likes of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Louisa May Alcott, and Nathaniel Hawthorne—surely stars in the American pantheon of writers. I am fortunate, indeed, to make Concord my home.

In addition to all this, the town is like most others when it comes to regional activities and amenities. While it has the Concord River to lure kids on weekends, basketball is a popular pastime which happens to be a sport I love. Youth sports is big here, a reflection no doubt of the great Boston NBA teams. I truly believe in the benefit of athletics for kids for many reasons.

  • Games like basketball foster coordination and skill
  • Sports involve teamwork that can become a lifelong asset
  • Playing inside or out helps maintain good health and well-being at any age
  • Kids make new friends and share the love of their sport
  • Social activities often revolve around youth sports
  • Kids learn the rules and regulations, which helps appreciate professional sports

While soccer is growing in popularity, basketball still reigns supreme here. I don’t miss a playoff if I can help it. I also hope to volunteer for the annual fundraiser for the youth program underway. Community support is vital to sustain these activities as they do not come under the umbrella of government funding. I join the parents, fans, and coaches in keeping the kids shooting hoops and running their little legs off. They learn the best kind of competitive spirit in a fun and safe environment. But they need gear and uniforms every year. I am ready, willing, and able to spread the word and help organize and run the fundraiser, along with the devoted parents.

There was only a modest program when I was a kid and the enterprise of basketball for youth has grown immeasurably in Concord, as an offshoot of the statewide passion for the sport. Think Boston Celtics and Springfield’s Basketball Hall of Fame. There are other great teams like the Patriots in football, and the Boston Red Sox and Boston Braves in baseball; but my heart remains on the court with a hoop at each end.

Great Places to Visit in Concord

Concord, MA is an amazing historic town with wonderful sites for visitors that want to explore nature and have some fun. The town’s historic buildings and sites are ideal for bike rides, drives, and having lots of walks. The following are examples of great places to visit in Concord;

Monument Square

This is a small rectangular park located in the Centre of Concord neighborhood. The monument Square has a variety of attractions that include; Historic churches like the First Parish in Concord, the historic Wright Travern, and the Colonial Inn.

Nashoba Winery

The Nashoba Winery is a major attraction when you visit the town as one gets an opportunity to see a wide range of fruit trees including fine wine grapes. In addition, visitors get an opportunity to witness the art of wine making from blueberries, peaches, pears, apples, and apples.

There are fine wine grapes in this unique winery and this was the precedence set by the Colonial American. The fine wine grapes are commonly referred to as the Concord grapes. Visitors enjoy fine country views, a picnic at one of the tables, a self-guided walking tour down the winery, and an exciting wine tasting day.

Concord Museum

Visiting the Concord Museum provides you with an opportunity to sample early American artifacts. The museum is located along the Lexington Road and clearly depicts the town’s evolution over the years.

The museum has numerous galleries and period rooms. Apart from the domestic artifacts and a wide range of documented decorative arts that are owned by Concord area artisans or Concord area residents. You can walk around the museum on your own or enjoy a 45-minute guided tour.

The Concord River

Canoeing on the Concord River is one of the most exciting experiences you cannot afford to miss when you are in Concord. A day’s paddling along the Concord River is an unforgettable experience as you will get an opportunity to view turtles and birds as you glide downriver.

The Concord River is made up of two small rivers that include; the Assabet and the Sudbury. As you navigate down the river, you will get an opportunity to view the campus of Concord Academy, beautiful gardens, and grand houses. In addition, the riverbanks have an expansive forest that alternate with the amazing grand houses and gardens that give the site a lovely and serene landscape. You can come with your canoe or rent for your canoeing experience.

The Wayside Inn

This is a colonial-era inn located in the neighboring Sudbury. The Inn is still in operation and it offers visitors lodging, drink, and food. The site contains the Martha-Mary Chapel as well as a restored Grist Mill. The Wayside Inn is currently a private and non-profit business after it was born in the early 1920s by Henry Ford.

When you visit the site, it is a good idea to explore the surroundings and grounds including; the reconstructed barn, and the formal garden adjacent to the Inn. You only need to buy a meal for you to explore the Inn.

Community College Courses

What to do on weekends? How about getting a little education? There is an excellent community college near Concord—Middlesex College. I like to take advantage of the one-day offerings that allow students to cover material of their choice in six hours. It is like a crash course for working adults looking for a bit of self-improvement. Extra education never hurt anyone, and for me, it is all about learning something practical. The school calls in “adult enrichment” and have devised a vast program of offerings from American literature and history to cooking and metalwork.

Surveying the course descriptions, I found the welding idea to be very intriguing, a skill I can use from time to time in my garage shop. I have a few woodworking tools but would like to expand my repertoire a bit to be able to solder and weld. I see in my mind’s eye a whole array of attractive metal sculptures displayed on a nice wrought iron shelf. I also see basic repairs to the patio furniture and backyard fence. Welding opens up a whole new world for do it yourselfers who want a new challenge. If you’re going to pursue this hobby, you need to spend some time on this web site finding out what new equipment you’ll need to buy.

The course teaches the basics and then focuses on one personal project that each student can undertake. They give you a choice of customizing your motorcycle or bike, making a barbecue grill or small fire pit, or a bracelet or bowl for the wife. You can make a sign, a hunting stand, or garden art. They all sound cool to me and it is hard to choose. I want to do them all, and I might if I have a natural proclivity for the craft. First I have to master the process and learn basic safety. You must wear gloves and a visor, of course. You have to understand the risks and dangers if things get out of control. I know this well which is why I am taking a course instead of going off on my own.

I have looked at home metalwork projects on line and am very impressed with the idea of a metal gate with decorative trim. I also see a funky chandelier that would be a real eye-catcher over the dining room table, or even on the covered patio. There is a wealth of experience on the Internet into which you can tap once you get the basics under your belt. YouTube videos show how to use metal rods, tubing, mesh or strips to fashion into latticework, bars, or whatever your creativity unveils. Otherwise, you can do all kinds of mundane repairs around the house and yard, not to mention the office. People will come to you with their requests. I just want to get started and see where this new hobby will take me. I hope the road is long and adventurous. Everyone needs something fun to do in their spare time.

Preventing Water Cross-Contamination

Water contamination is a worldwide problem and a very serious one in certain third world countries. Entire charitable organizations like World Vision are devoted to a resolution. It reminds us how precious our water is and how lucky we are as a nation. Problems do rear their ugly heads from time to time as we all know, wreaking havoc on an unsuspecting community. Concord is blessed with clean water from its major sources, but you can cause pollution yourself if you do not follow safe irrigation practices. Farmers who connect hoses to fertilizer sprayers or in-ground irrigation systems can create a risk of cross-contamination.

No one wants alien elements emanating from their tap. Many resort to installing whole house water filters like these ones, just in case there is a lapse by the local water utility company that somehow is affected by errant farmers. Usually, contamination is short lived and can be remedied. I, for one, am keeping my filter intact in case of another occurrence. I know that water is the fluid of life and its purity is sacred in any culture.

Contamination may be caused by local farmers in Concord, but in many cities it comes from industrial waste dumping in spite of existing laws. Thank goodness that testing is common in this country to reveal pollution before it is harmful. It hasn’t always worked, but we are more vigilant now. Ever community cares about drinking water purity and there are regulations regarding allowable pollutants. I don’t like the idea of any of them at all. I can only hope that the standards are high in Concord as compared to major urban areas.

Lapses in clean water in the US are a major source of embarrassment and a public relations nightmare.  Try to put a pretty face on Flint, Michigan with a cleanup; but were are still under the magnifying glass of a judgmental world. It is one thing to have water issues in Africa and another in America, where we have the ways and means to prevent them.

Our rivers, lakes, streams, and groundwater are under attack, although it is invisible to the naked eye. The acceptance of any wastewater at all in our systems is a threatening concept. We have made progress, but how much do we not know. How much has the biosphere been harmed? At what point can we not stop the infiltration of chemicals and pathogens in our aquatic ecosystem. Excuse me for being strident as I suddenly realize that this is an old problem that lurks under the surface. I can only hope it is not in Concord. I suspect not or there would be a huge public outcry. If it happens, I may be the first voice heard.

Promoting Neighborly Behavior

Concord, MA consists of intimate neighborhoods where residents live together in peace and harmony. Some of the most notable neighborhoods in the town include; Concord Town Centre, Concord Riverwalk, Fairhavens Farms, Lowell Road, Coolidge Road, and East Meadows.

The only way a community can be safe and happy is when the neighbors get along well. Neighborly behavior is critical for both social and economic prosperity and that is why more efforts should be put in place to promote neighborly behavior. The following are some of the strategies that can be adopted by the Concord community when it comes to promoting good neighborly behavior;

Organizing Neighborhood Associations and Events

Concord has over the years been known for its commendable neighborly behavior but encouraging the formation of neighborhood associations as well as organizing regular neighborhoods events can help enhance or promote neighborly behavior in the town. For instance, community watch groups are very critical when it comes to keeping an eye on the town’s crime and safety levels.

Community events such as street barbeques and festivals can help in a great way to promote unity, sharing, and positive neighborly behavior. Such events help neighbors to know and socialize with each other at a personal level and in the process fostering the spirit of togetherness. Neighborhood associations are responsible for organizing events that are meant to promote neighborly behavior.

Joint Cleaning and Maintenance of Shared Spaces

Most of the conflicts among neighbors are caused by failure by some members of a community to participate in cleaning and maintenance of shared spaces such as parking lots, hallways, entrances. When all members of a community do their part when it comes to cleaning common spaces, it helps avoid unnecessary conflicts and at the same time keeps the neighborhood clean. Every neibourhood in Concord should have a maintenance schedule for open spaces to ensure that every neighbor participates in the cleaning and maintenance of shared spaces.

Neighbors being Responsible for their Pets

Pets can be quite a nuisance within a neighborhood and are always a major source of contention among neighbors. When all neighbors are responsible for their pets, it helps to promote neighborly behavior and prevents all potential pet or animal problems. Every household should adhere to all the local pet ownership laws and regulations.

In this case, all pets must always be on a leash when within the neighborhood, be licensed, and fully vaccinated. In addition, everyone should ensure that they keep their animals quiet and the same time clean up any pet poop within the neighborhood. Also, residents should be free to talk to their neighbors whenever they feel bothered by their neighbor’s pets.

Being noise-conscious

Concord residents can promote neighborly behavior by keeping noise levels in their households as low as possible to avoid bothering neighbors. This involves avoiding horn honking, controlling dog barking, notifying neighbors in advance of their plans to hold a party, as well as understanding their neighbor’s schedule and lifestyle.

In conclusion, Concord, MA has very friendly neighborhoods known for their neighborly behavior. However, the town can promote neighborly behavior through; encouraging neighborhood associations and events, equal participation in cleaning and sharing of shared spaces, responsible handling of pets, as well as being noise-conscious.

Charities that Need Your Support

Concord, MA is a community like any other communities around the world with individuals and groups that need support. The main objective of a charitable organization is to raise funds for supporting groups and individuals that need support.

Concord has a wide range of charities that support disadvantaged people, homeless people, residents suffering from various diseases, the elderly, and needy children in various locations. However, the sustainability of these charities depends on the generous donations and contributions of community members in terms of services, goods, and money.

The daily operations of these charities depend on these donations as most of the charities are self-funded. It is important point out that very few charity organizations in Concord receive government funding. Traditionally, donating to charities was always left to wealthy individuals in the society.

However, things have changed in modern days as individuals that are not wealthy also contribute to charities. There has been a change in attitude when it comes to donating to the needy as everyone has the liberty to donate to a charity of their choice without having to worry about the amount of their donation. Some of the charity organizations that one can donate to in Concord include;

  • Concord Children’s Centre Inc.
  • Open Table Inc.
  • Nature Connection
  • Camino Verde Inc.
  • Cooperative Elder Services Inc.
  • Greater Boston Functional Medicine Group Inc.
  • Emerson Hospital

Why it is Important to Support Charities in Concord, MA

It Is A Way of Helping Others

There are thousands of people in Concord that are not in a position to afford some necessities in life and donating to a charity goes a long way in helping these individuals. Most of the people that benefits from these charities have problems beyond their ability and donating to charities is actually the best way to advance mankind.

As human beings, we have the responsibility to take care of the less fortunate individuals in the society. Therefore, it always a good opportunity to help out if you have that spare goods, time, or cash.

It is an Opportunity to Make a Difference

There is nothing good like knowing that you have made a difference in the world and one way of doing this is donating to a charity. You leave behind a legacy when you make a difference in some one’s life and that is why you should never miss an opportunity to donate to a charity. Making a contribution to a society does not mean donating a lot of money to a charity. You can still make a difference by donating according to your ability.

It gives you an Opportunity to Support a Cause you believe in

You can donate to a charity as a way of supporting a cause that you passionately believe in. There are individuals that believe in education, healthcare, or sports, and donating to charities presents an opportunity for you to donate to a cause of your choice.

In conclusion, Concord residents should consider donating to charities in the area in order to help the less fortunate. Donating to a charity enables you to make a difference in other people’s life and at the same time support a cause you believe in.

Recognizing Leaders in the Community

As a third congressional district in Massachusetts when it comes to federal level representation, Concord is one of the best represented towns in the entire state considering the fact that it is one of the major towns in Middlesex County. At this level, the town’s representative is Niki Tsongas while Elizabeth Warren is its representative in the U.S Senate.

Apart from the top leadership at the state and country level, it is always important to recognize leaders at the local level that can take the Concord community to the nest level. A town like Concord requires leaders for different purposes and contexts to make it stronger hence the need to recognize the right community leaders.

Qualities such as responsibility and integrity are expected from leaders in all disciplines but community leaders have some extra qualities such as:

Ability to Maximize the Strength of each Individual

Community leaders must have the ability to assess the strengths of each person in the neighborhood and encourage them to use their talents and skills for the good of the community. The sustainability of a community depends on the skills and talents of its members and any individual that has the ability to bring together people that can improve the community should eb considered for leadership.

Mobilization Capabilities

It is important for a community leader to have the ability to mobilize members of a particular community towards a common course and this is a quality that should be considered when recognizing a community leader. A community leader should be able to mobilize, motivate, inspire and educate.

Accountability to the Community

Accountability is very critical when identifying community leader as you want someone that people can trust. A community leader is accountable to the people and this goes beyond coming up with the right procedures, processes, and policies. In this case, the leaders have to make decision that protect the interest of their people and ensure that the resources allocated for various projects are spent according to plan.

Being a Role Model

Community leadership is different from the traditional hierarchical leadership where all the major decisions are made by those at the top of the hierarchy. When identifying a community leader, it is a good idea to settle on a leader that does not lead from above but walks beside the people.

Self-responsibility and self-leadership comes when a leader develops the leadership capacity of other people. In addition, living and acting by example is very critical for any person that wants to be a community leader.

In conclusion, Concord is a very vibrant community that requires quality community leaders to represent the interests of its people and that is why the process of recognizing leaders should be done with a lot of caution. A community leader must be able to win the trust of all the groups and individuals within the town. Currently, Concord has community leaders in various neighborhoods that have been responsible for the implementation of various community projects and the only way to move forward is to recognize leaders that have the necessary qualities to offer the required leadership for the people.

Local Businesses are the Community’s Backbone

Concord, MA is a vibrant town located in Boston, Massachusetts, and is historically known for its critical role in the American Revolutionary War. The town has a thriving business environment that small business, independently owned shops, community facilities, retail businesses, and a thriving artisan community. Concord has many organic and traditional farms as a result of its historic roots in farming and this contributes to its business environment.

In addition, the West Concord village is home to the majority of the town’s local business that include; wine and liquor shops, bakeries, dry cleaners, grocery stores, pharmacies, clothing stores, travel agencies, tailoring shops, restaurants, community banks, jewellery stores, salons, and barbershops. The town has too much to offer and these local businesses form the community’s backbone.

The town’s economic prosperity and growth generally depends on the success of its local businesses. Concord has so any small businesses that have the potential to generate wealth in the community and at the same time create jobs for local people. It is important for the community’s leadership to offer the much-needed support to local entrepreneurs as this is the only way to reduce unemployment and keep the economy growing.

Almost two-thirds of new jobs in Concord are generated by small businesses and that is why there is a need for the state, federal, and local governments to support the entrepreneurship initiatives by improving accessibility to capital. In order for the town to survive any economic climate, the town should focus on how to keep unemployment under control and that is why smaller companies should be allowed to thrive as they are major assets when it comes to addressing the issue of unemployment.

In addition, both global and national economies benefit from the local businesses in Concord as the small business make a significant contribution to America’s gross domestic product. Also, innovative products from Concord’s thriving artisan industry are exported to other parts of the world hence having a significant impact on both the national and global economy. The fact that products by the town’s artisans are in the global market presents customers with options hence contributing to reasonable prices.

Moreover, approximately 70% of the money spent at a local business in Concord is channeled back to the community and in the process enhancing its economy. When compared to major retailers, small businesses have had a major impact on the town’s recent economic growth as they are more likely to do business with each other and retain most of the money in Concord.

Concord has one of the most serene environments in Massachusetts and this is largely attributed to small businesses that require less transportation and get supplies locally. In addition, there is no need for clear-cutting or construction as most of the local businesses buy or lease existing premises or spaces.

In conclusion, local businesses remain the backbone of the Concord community as they are a major source of employment and contribute to the town’s overall economic growth and sustainability. However, local entrepreneurs’ more support from the local and national governments especially when it comes to accessing loans or capital.