Recognizing Leaders in the Community

As a third congressional district in Massachusetts when it comes to federal level representation, Concord is one of the best represented towns in the entire state considering the fact that it is one of the major towns in Middlesex County. At this level, the town’s representative is Niki Tsongas while Elizabeth Warren is its representative in the U.S Senate.

Apart from the top leadership at the state and country level, it is always important to recognize leaders at the local level that can take the Concord community to the nest level. A town like Concord requires leaders for different purposes and contexts to make it stronger hence the need to recognize the right community leaders.

Qualities such as responsibility and integrity are expected from leaders in all disciplines but community leaders have some extra qualities such as:

Ability to Maximize the Strength of each Individual

Community leaders must have the ability to assess the strengths of each person in the neighborhood and encourage them to use their talents and skills for the good of the community. The sustainability of a community depends on the skills and talents of its members and any individual that has the ability to bring together people that can improve the community should eb considered for leadership.

Mobilization Capabilities

It is important for a community leader to have the ability to mobilize members of a particular community towards a common course and this is a quality that should be considered when recognizing a community leader. A community leader should be able to mobilize, motivate, inspire and educate.

Accountability to the Community

Accountability is very critical when identifying community leader as you want someone that people can trust. A community leader is accountable to the people and this goes beyond coming up with the right procedures, processes, and policies. In this case, the leaders have to make decision that protect the interest of their people and ensure that the resources allocated for various projects are spent according to plan.

Being a Role Model

Community leadership is different from the traditional hierarchical leadership where all the major decisions are made by those at the top of the hierarchy. When identifying a community leader, it is a good idea to settle on a leader that does not lead from above but walks beside the people.

Self-responsibility and self-leadership comes when a leader develops the leadership capacity of other people. In addition, living and acting by example is very critical for any person that wants to be a community leader.

In conclusion, Concord is a very vibrant community that requires quality community leaders to represent the interests of its people and that is why the process of recognizing leaders should be done with a lot of caution. A community leader must be able to win the trust of all the groups and individuals within the town. Currently, Concord has community leaders in various neighborhoods that have been responsible for the implementation of various community projects and the only way to move forward is to recognize leaders that have the necessary qualities to offer the required leadership for the people.