Great Places to Visit in Concord

Concord, MA is an amazing historic town with wonderful sites for visitors that want to explore nature and have some fun. The town’s historic buildings and sites are ideal for bike rides, drives, and having lots of walks. The following are examples of great places to visit in Concord;

Monument Square

This is a small rectangular park located in the Centre of Concord neighborhood. The monument Square has a variety of attractions that include; Historic churches like the First Parish in Concord, the historic Wright Travern, and the Colonial Inn.

Nashoba Winery

The Nashoba Winery is a major attraction when you visit the town as one gets an opportunity to see a wide range of fruit trees including fine wine grapes. In addition, visitors get an opportunity to witness the art of wine making from blueberries, peaches, pears, apples, and apples.

There are fine wine grapes in this unique winery and this was the precedence set by the Colonial American. The fine wine grapes are commonly referred to as the Concord grapes. Visitors enjoy fine country views, a picnic at one of the tables, a self-guided walking tour down the winery, and an exciting wine tasting day.

Concord Museum

Visiting the Concord Museum provides you with an opportunity to sample early American artifacts. The museum is located along the Lexington Road and clearly depicts the town’s evolution over the years.

The museum has numerous galleries and period rooms. Apart from the domestic artifacts and a wide range of documented decorative arts that are owned by Concord area artisans or Concord area residents. You can walk around the museum on your own or enjoy a 45-minute guided tour.

The Concord River

Canoeing on the Concord River is one of the most exciting experiences you cannot afford to miss when you are in Concord. A day’s paddling along the Concord River is an unforgettable experience as you will get an opportunity to view turtles and birds as you glide downriver.

The Concord River is made up of two small rivers that include; the Assabet and the Sudbury. As you navigate down the river, you will get an opportunity to view the campus of Concord Academy, beautiful gardens, and grand houses. In addition, the riverbanks have an expansive forest that alternate with the amazing grand houses and gardens that give the site a lovely and serene landscape. You can come with your canoe or rent for your canoeing experience.

The Wayside Inn

This is a colonial-era inn located in the neighboring Sudbury. The Inn is still in operation and it offers visitors lodging, drink, and food. The site contains the Martha-Mary Chapel as well as a restored Grist Mill. The Wayside Inn is currently a private and non-profit business after it was born in the early 1920s by Henry Ford.

When you visit the site, it is a good idea to explore the surroundings and grounds including; the reconstructed barn, and the formal garden adjacent to the Inn. You only need to buy a meal for you to explore the Inn.