Youth Sports

Everyone in Concord, Mass calls me the town booster, meaning I like to crow about how great it is, how wonderful the people and scenery, and how it beats out most anywhere for “best place to live in the US.” This may be my opinion, but I hope it will soon be yours as you hear about the opportunities for a special lifestyle in Middlesex County of a great state. Sure, Boston is unbeatable, but Concord has another vibe. Although some say it is part of greater Boston, I want to make sure you understand that it has a personality all its own. It has a history, first and foremost the battle of Lexington and Concord; plus, it was a rich literary center and home to the likes of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Louisa May Alcott, and Nathaniel Hawthorne—surely stars in the American pantheon of writers. I am fortunate, indeed, to make Concord my home.

In addition to all this, the town is like most others when it comes to regional activities and amenities. While it has the Concord River to lure kids on weekends, basketball is a popular pastime which happens to be a sport I love. Youth sports is big here, a reflection no doubt of the great Boston NBA teams. I truly believe in the benefit of athletics for kids for many reasons.

  • Games like basketball foster coordination and skill
  • Sports involve teamwork that can become a lifelong asset
  • Playing inside or out helps maintain good health and well-being at any age
  • Kids make new friends and share the love of their sport
  • Social activities often revolve around youth sports
  • Kids learn the rules and regulations, which helps appreciate professional sports

While soccer is growing in popularity, basketball still reigns supreme here. I don’t miss a playoff if I can help it. I also hope to volunteer for the annual fundraiser for the youth program underway. Community support is vital to sustain these activities as they do not come under the umbrella of government funding. I join the parents, fans, and coaches in keeping the kids shooting hoops and running their little legs off. They learn the best kind of competitive spirit in a fun and safe environment. But they need gear and uniforms every year. I am ready, willing, and able to spread the word and help organize and run the fundraiser, along with the devoted parents.

There was only a modest program when I was a kid and the enterprise of basketball for youth has grown immeasurably in Concord, as an offshoot of the statewide passion for the sport. Think Boston Celtics and Springfield’s Basketball Hall of Fame. There are other great teams like the Patriots in football, and the Boston Red Sox and Boston Braves in baseball; but my heart remains on the court with a hoop at each end.